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Sustainability and Coronavirus

I've been pondering a blog post for some time ... the pandemic has certainly slowed me right down and for so many, it has made us realise what we truly need to survive and sustain ourselves. I feel more value is being given to the very moments we exist in and I sense a great depth in what we have all collectively been through, albeit it in our own ways.

I have had many a conversation recently and seen profound changes in people and environments all around me, which I am in awe of. I have certainly changed, my outlook has evolved and I am deeper than I thought I could go. I have often said, our environment is all that makes up this moment, it is where we are right now and it is what is near to us and dear to us. However, this never felt more apparent than when we couldn't move freely and all we had was where we were (and Facetime!)

During lockdown, I have thought about sustainability a lot and yes, it is intrinsically linked to environmentalism and taking care of our planet but it isn't all eco. Sustainability encompasses many components working together to make up a whole and it aims to create a balance that lasts. The sustainable development model encompasses the environment, society and the economy and I use this as a basis for my life which when balanced influences my wellbeing, mental health and future outlook. Sustainability is vital; for a person, for families, for communities, counties, countries, continents and the planet.

The coronavirus has brought many challenges, for global sustainability, it caused the rising up of the environmental movement to dwindle, it removed social structures that we relied on and of course, it closed all but essential parts of the economy. The pandemic has created a tidal wave of uncertainty, it has induced fear, it has created conflict, it has broken hearts and minds and its impact will be felt for years to come. But, on the flip side, the virus has brought people together, we've embraced online in most everything possible, it has allowed habitats to thrive, it has created deeper connections and it has sent us on paths we never knew we'd tread. We have been forced, quickly, to change, for better or for worse, we have adapted and here we are.

As we continue through life, I would suggest, to anyone, to consider your personal sustainability. What sustains your life? What makes you smile? How are you creating your own environmental, social and economic balance? What will help you? What feeds your heart and soul? What do we all truly need? What do you need to leave behind? How can we all just be?

'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can'

Arthur Ashe

Reflections upon these points have taken me to some deep places and my inner hippy is the strongest it has ever been, which is why I wanted to share my thoughts in this blog and I invite anyone to reach out if you want to chat. I'm not offering answers but I am just happy to share how I have been enlightened by a pandemic that will one day become a GCSE history lesson.

To end, my advice; take care of yourself and know that in this World you are a unique blessing and sustaining yourself is the most important thing you can do. Spend time in nature, nurture your spirit and don't let negatives get you down for long. Move on, rise up and realise that life is simply one of the maddest waves we will ever ride and whatever the pitfalls, nothing lasts forever. Stay kind and always have hopes and dreams.

Sending love, Saz xx

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