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Hey! I'm Saz, I live on the coast in Devon and I create unique jewellery and accessories from beach litter, waste products and second hand materials.

Repurposing materials offers a creative way to reduce waste and lessen the pressure on overwhelmed landfill sites and recycling streams. Reuse is accessible to all and filled with hope offering a tangible way to flip the negatives of life. 

As a Type One Diabetic for over 3 decades, sustaining myself daily directly contributes to my future health in the same way it is vital we live more sustainably today to protect our beautiful planet for tomorrow. 

 I studied Environmental Education and Education Studies at University to learn more about sustainability and sustainable development. I created Saztainable to share my work and ethos and to inspire others.

Time is precious, resources are precious, life is precious and the World needs a lot less waste and a lot more love!


Please get in touch with collaborations or commissions.


Big love, Saz xx

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