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Hey! I'm Saz, a Sea Loving Eco Artist from Devon. I salvage materials that may otherwise end up in landfill or add to overwhelmed recycling schemes and I make them into unique products.


I created Saztainable after studying Environmental Education at University and feeling empowered that we are all responsible of taking care of our Planet, having positive impacts and being part of solutions to Environmental Issues.

I love creatively reusing materials, salvaging second hand treasures and sharing sustainability to inspire others.


Sustainability runs deep within me because as a Type One Diabetic for over 30 years, taking care of each day and hoping for a bright future is what I'm all about.


Please Contact Me if you'd like to chat or collaborate and ​​I hope you'll like the Saztainable vibes I share and be inspired in your own way.

​​Peace and love,

Saz xx