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Hey! I'm Saz! I live on the coast of Devon and my mission is to reduce waste by rethinking and reusing materials to create unique jewellery and accessories.

Reuse is filled with hope and I like to turn waste products into positive creations to share and enjoy.


I reuse materials that may otherwise end up in landfill and I bring new life to unwanted and second-hand materials. Click HERE to find out more.

 I studied Environmental Education at Uni to learn more about sustainability and I created Saztainable to share my creative ideas and inspire others to think differently.

As a Type One Diabetic, sustainability is a huge part of my every day. I work to balance what I consume, how I move and how I feel in order to maintain my wellbeing. I know that what I do today will directly impact my future. Therefore, I empathise with the importance of sustainability for our planet because we must strive to balance how we live now in order to take care of our beautiful Earth for years to come. 

​ I hope you enjoy my work, here's to sharing some good vibes and please get in touch with collaborations or commissions.


Big love, Saz xx

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