Welcome to Saztainable!

Hey! I'm Saz! I live on the coast of Devon and I make recycled jewellery and accessories.

My mission is to reduce waste by rethinking materials and reusing them to create unique items to love and share.

Reuse is filled with hope and I like to create a bit of joy where it may not be obvious, and share good vibes along the way.


I reuse materials that may otherwise end up in landfill and I bring new life to unwanted and second-hand materials. Click HERE to find out more.

I studied Environmental Education at Uni to learn more about the World and I created Saztainable to share my creative recycling ideas and inspire others.

​ I hope you like the Saztainable vibes I share and please get in touch anytime with collaborations or commissions.


Big love, Saz xx