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Hey! I'm Saz, I live on the coast of Devon and I create unique jewellery and accessories by reusing waste and second hand materials.

Reuse is filled with hope and reusing materials offers a tangible way to flip the negatives of life and share positive solutions.

Being creative helps me balance my mental health whilst living with Type One Diabetes and other chronic health conditions that can make life feel pretty tough.

Sustaining myself daily will directly contribute to my future health in the same way it is vital we all need to live more sustainably today to protect our beautiful planet for the future. 

 I studied Environmental Education at Uni to learn more about people and planet and I created Saztainable to share my art and words.

Time is precious, resources are precious, life is precious and the World needs a lot less waste and a lot more love!


​ I hope you enjoy my work and feel inspired!
Please get in touch with collaborations or commissions.


Big love, Saz xx

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