Hey! Welcome to Saztainable!

I'm Saz, I'm an Upcycle Artist and I live by the beach in Devon. I make recycled jewellery and accessories from reusing waste and unwanted materials.

I am inspired by the ocean and taking care of nature. I write poems to help my thoughts flow and as a Type One Diabetic for over 30 years, sustainability means a lot to me. Live for today and hope for tomorrow!

I studied Environmental Education at Uni to learn more about the World and I created Saztainable to share my creative reuse ideas and to be proactive in efforts to sustain our beautiful World for future generations.

Saztainable Mission

​My mission is to reduce waste, reuse unwanted materials and recycle them into new and unique jewellery pieces and accessories to love and share.

I am on a sustainable journey and I aim to share my 'less waste more love' attitude to life with you and loads of positive vibes along the way.

Reusing and Recycling

I reuse waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfill and I bring new life to unwanted and second-hand materials. I use items from my own household alongside materials found on beach cleans and items donated to me.

Careful thought is given to any material taken out of the recycling stream however and anything I create through this channel aims to be further recyclable thereafter or act as a long lasting inspiration for rethinking materials.

Feel free to contact me anytime! 

Big love, Saz xx

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