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Sustainable Development

The model of Sustainable Development questions the power of one stand alone viewpoint. It brings an equality to the three components needed for Sustainability to work; Environmental, Social and Economic, showing that each is as important as the other.

Of course, each one of us may have a natural leaning towards one area, or perhaps an order of importance, but wherever you begin it all needs to come together to be successful and we all need to work better together to make this happen.

With the environment in mind and the amazing lifetime of education from David Attenborough, the more recent work of Extinction Rebellion and the inspirational actions of Greta Thunberg (School Strike For Climate) and so many more activists and campaigners, there is no better time to join the revolution. It is time to rise up and help give the environment the voice it deserves to become truly equal with the needs of society and the economy.


I often chat to people that say 'I just don't know where to start' and neither did I but as Extinction Rebellion say, 'Tell The Truth and Take Action!'

Yes these comments are mainly aimed at Governments who absolutely need to wise up and get real for the greater good but as individuals we need Sustainable Development too!

So, what is going on in your own world and what can you do to help your personal environment, social group and finances? This can be in your home, in your workplace and in your community, for example.

The old cliche, everything has to start somewhere couldn't be truer and it's time to take a step forward and reach out. My advice right now... Go outside and check out the beauty of nature, connect and enjoy the environment, take a bit of time to remember what you love about the World and then go from there.

Sending love,

Saz xx


Sustainable Development Venn Diagram courtesy of:

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