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Earth Change - An Evolution Poem

In the beginning of time The land was vast Nomads roamed Amid the grass

Settlers settled Found places to dwell Was building our walls

The beginning of hell?

Farming was born In the early days Crops were tended A haze of maize

Religion began Beliefs and acts Mans place in nature Had found its cracks

Society was born Power to be had Is this when the World Started to go mad?

Romanticism dawned With Science nearby More distance from nature Natives sighed

Invention prevailed And all rejoiced Reasons foretold Through big human voice

With the renaissance came hope Of creativity and art But in a world of facts Had we lost our heart?

Industry pressed And hippies passed A world of ‘things’ Had set its mast

Now on Earth

I call for revolution! A more soulful society With less hardship and pollution

The consuming and developing The lives we think we need

There is so much more to live for I'm done with all the greed

Looking to the future Always hoping with a wish For reunion with nature And togetherness and bliss.

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