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A Little Poem About A Pandemic

Endurance Mate,

That's our fate.

Keep going through the unknown,

Find new ways to stay at home.

I used to wish for endless days of chilling,

But swinging in my hammock isn't all that fulfilling.

Trying to make sense of what is going on,

The days and nights are very long.

I wish this was a film or an old skool test,

But this shit is real, just do our best.

Sustain your body and your brain,

Avoid the illness and the pain.

Focus on art,

Focus on the good.

Make dens and bake,

Send love and create.

People are making rainbows,

A symbol of hope.

Bright and colourful,

I think they're dope.

Endurance is survival,

Continue with strength and grace.

Have a bloody good cry,

Then wash your beautiful face.

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