Ghost Net ♻️ Reducing marine waste by rethinking nets salvaged from the fishing industry and from beach cleans.


Plastic ♻️ Repurposing plastic beads to share the idea of rethinking a material beyond its original purpose.


Bike Parts ♻️ Recycling scrap metal salvaged from my local bike shop and recreating it into unique jewellery and accessories.


Seaglass ♻️ Reusing marine litter in the form of glass that once used to be a vessel, smashed into shards and rumbled by the sea to create glass pebbles.


Postage and Packaging

All my products are wrapped in reused or recycled materials. From cardboard and brown paper that can be recycled thereafter, to old jiffy bags reused again and again. I use recycled brown paper tape instead of plastic tape to seal parcels, which can then also be recycled . The cards I use as notelets in orders and as business cards are made from recycled paper and I hand stamp everything as I go so as not to create any surplus or waste.