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Welcome to My Blog!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Hello! I'm stoked to start blogging and thanks for checking me out!

The aim of my blog is to share all sorts of thoughts about Sustainability from Resourceful Choices to Creative Reuse and Positive Actions to help sustain our beautiful World! Categories include Sustainable Lifestyle, Travel, Inspiring Projects and Weddings and Events.

I will also Review Products I find along the way and it is also more than likely that I will get over excited about the smallest things and ramble a little.

I am so passionate about Sustainability for people and planet and I hope you'll like the Saztainable vibes I share and be inspired in your own way!

Here are four facts about me:

- I totally LOVE carrots

- I once had an interview for the TV show The Apprentice

- I love an inspiring quote that makes me stop and think

- Sharks are my favourite animal

Speak soon!

Peace and Love,

Saz xx