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Welcome to My Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

The aim of this is to share my thoughts about Sustainability; from my passion to creatively reuse materials to making resourceful choices. I love positive action, flipping negatives and thinking differently. All in a quest to live a more wholesome life and to help sustain our beautiful World. I'll write under the following categories: Sustainable Lifestyle, Travel, Inspiring Projects and Events. I will also review products and brands as well as dropping in the odd poem.

I am passionate about Sustainability for people and planet and I hope you'll like the Saztainable vibes I share and be inspired in your own way!

Here are four facts about me:

- I LOVE carrots

- I once had an interview for the TV show The Apprentice

- I am a Type One Diabetic and take 5 injections a day

- Sharks are my favourite animal

Sending love,

Saz xx

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