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☆ Think Global; Act Local ☆

Can we truly help the planet? How?

We are all capable of ideas, adapting, problem solving, making positive decisions and more! Accepting a situation, acknowledging your place in it and thinking resourcefully are the first positive steps you can take.

Resourceful (adjective)

Ingenious, capable, and full of initiative. (Esp in dealing with difficult situations) - Collins English Dictionary (2019)

Climate Change is one of, if not the most difficult situation we face as a global community and as individuals. As one person it can sometimes feel overwhelming, far out and a lot 'well what the hell am I supposed to do!?'

Well there is a lot you can do and the best place to start is to make 'Reduce Reuse Recycle' your mantra in every aspect of your life because #Reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact, #Reusing materials wherever you can and #Recycling at home IS the very best place to start!

I know for many there is much exasperation towards Governments about legislative action and they have an extraordinary massive part to play and need to pull their fingers out, but amid all that we can still do our thing and shine!

'There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, we are all crew' - Marshall McLuhan.

We all have a long journey ahead and David Attenborough ( Uncle David) once said; '

We cannot afford to be fatigued by Climate Change' and you can read more about that here.

We are all in this together so; 'Don't get tired, feel inspired!'

Sending love,

Saz xx

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